Scouts handbook

I’m starting a list of things i notice all scouts need. This might apply to other MOS’s aswell.

1.Always bring some sort of toilet paper with you wherever you go.

2.Never leave home without something to snack on, you might not get lunch

3.You will never have a fully clean uniform.

4.Whatever dumb shit your doing remember, your getting paid.

Thats all for now, i will keep adding to the list as i think of more stuff. Also feel free to give me sugestions


I’m running out of stuff to tell the new guys. So ask questions or give me some ideas to talk about or whatever.

Just got back from the field. We had to run the shooting range for tankers. It was so dumb. We had a tent set up and were doing just fine. Untill first srg. came by and decided we shouldn’t have a tent and needed to do more training. So we took the tent down and had to take a I.V class witch was kinda cool. Didnt get many pics. But the range was kinda cool we had groups of tanks shooting and apaches flying over head shooting at targets aswell.


DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Dennis J. Henry Jr., U.S. Air Force.


DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Dennis J. Henry Jr., U.S. Air Force.

There this thing in our unit where you have to get upside down on a tree and stay for 5 minuets. First your ears start to ring, then your vision gets blurry, then your head throbs. It’s fun though… Then we got a little wild with it. And put a PVT and the LT on a tree, PVT on top of course.

My company at the call for fire simulation - That’s me in both the pictures

With my brothers out at the range-Scouts lead the way

gwapoooo74-deactivated20130824 said: yooo this is alesna from 1st plt, i searched cavalry scout and i seen ur pics, i was like uhhh this looks kinda familiar lol

hahha whats up? yea i thought i would make one of these for the new guys cus i know how hard it was being new to all this.